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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Spring – Portrait 8/52

It’s that time of the year again. You know, the time of no mercy. Everything is uncovered. Naked. Not beautifiedView full post »

A week of goodness

I really enjoy curating these posts, hope you like them too! First off, how to answer when someone asks “what doView full post »

Breastfeeding, naturally

Bella is 16 months old. Her favorite word is “vauva” (baby), but the first word she ever said was “View full post »

Feed the white wolf, hug the black wolf

For the last week or so we’ve been working on our family mission statement. Yeah, there. Go and laugh :D SoundsView full post »

Portrait 7/52: One

My little baby boy turns one today. At 21:30 to be precise. Happy birthday my sweetie pie :) The year of 2013 startedView full post »

Scenic route of parenting

I read somewhere that having a child with the extra chromosome 21 is like taking the scenic route of parenting. YouView full post »

A week of goodness 2

Winter made a comeback this week, at least here in Finland. It was kind of fun, but I’m that crazy person whoView full post »

where do you come from

Where do you come from? It’s a very simple question and yet every time someone asks I’m caught off guard.View full post »

Portrait 6/52

And then the winter came back.  View full post »