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A week of goodness

First small flowers appeared in our garden. Calendula I think? Whatever it is, it just shows that spring is *almost* here. Ingrid was over the moon happy and made a small bouquet for me. Apparently it’s her favorite thing to do.

The most amazing interview I watched, not just this week, but in a long, long time. If not ever. I’m a big fan of Renee’s work and her message. In the world obsessed with achievement and improvement she tells us to embrace our vulnerability. My first reaction when I stumbled upon her writing was an embarrassed laughter. Vulnerability? Toughen up, girl! It seemed such a ridiculous notion than instead of fighting my vulnerability and kicking it I should embrace it as the greatest thing. She says vulnerability is courage, not weakness. When we don’t embrace our vulnerability, when we fake being tough we become cynical, critical about people who put themselves out there, we make fun of them. There is a lot of that out there. Tough. I’m reading her book “Daring Greatly” now and just this last week she was talking about it on Chase Jarvis Live. I embeded the video below, admittedly it’s quite long. If you don’t have the time right now I really encourage you to bookmark it and return to this video with a glass of wine/ cup of tea later. It’s totally worth spending one evening with this duo.

Also, on Chase’s blog is the 13 item list that will make a successful artist, but it really applies to all professions. I love it.

This post on how to fall in like with your kids. “I see my own temper. I see generations of temper before that. I see how lazy my prayers are and how haphazard my approach to helping him. How it’s mostly a mixture of embarrassment and frustration. I see how long it’s been since I’ve enjoyed him. I begin to exercise my motherhood again. I stretch and bend and pray. I fast and pay attention and listen. Instead of floundering in the stories everyone else tells me about him, I begin to draft his narrative. I write it down. How I want to see this son of mine. How I want to teach others to see him.”
It’s beautiful. It’s something I struggle with, almost daily, in how I mother my daughter.

Pretty awesome read on a visit to Holy Land. “I’d been warned that visiting the Holy Land intensifies your deepest religious beliefs. That was unexpectedly true for even this ardent doubter. Seeing the remains of all the regimes and the people who had tried to infuse their faiths and customs and architecture into the place and then receded across the millenniums, I couldn’t understand how anyone could feel sure of any belief, any way of being, in a place that is so constantly shifting. Like Jerusalem, I remained my own stubbornly uncertain self.” Just love this. Stubbornly uncertain self.

And I really want to go to Iceland and see the horses.

This music will make your heart flutter. Absolutely beautiful.


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Pauliina - The flower is “leskenlehti”, tussilago or coltsfoot in English acc to Wikipedia :). It’s always the first floral sign of Spring in Finland. The close-up is amazing: I’ve never thought this flower was that beautiful!

Thanks for your inspiring photos and blog, Karolina.

karba - Thank you for your kind words and the correct name of this pretty little thing! I used to just pass by it, but when I looked through my macro lens I literally gasped. It’s awesome.

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