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A week of goodness

Together with a group of girlfriends we will run Naisten Kymppi at the end of May. Which obviously forced me to start running again, after almost two years break. So it’s really like starting from scratch. It’s painful on some days and extreme fun on others. I don’t follow any training plan, I’m not hooked up to heart rate monitor and I don’t have any app to track my runs. I run for fun. When it feels good, I run longer or faster. When it feels shit, I start walking or go back home. That’s it. Three days per week: Wednesday evening, Saturday and Sunday mornings. I stop to look at the view. I smile and say hi (um, yes, I still live in Finland). Smiling is HUGE. Just force it on my face and it like gives me second wind. So in short- I don’t push, I don’t track, it’s for fun. It feels good.

Watching these two ladies fly for the first time is purest gold. Maybe we should all go around the world pondering the amazing wonders that surround us and the science that makes them happen. Because it’s all freaking amazing, really (found on Sploid).

Find your passion with these 8 questions. Very helpful if you would like to “follow your passion”, but are not sure what that passion is exactly. My favorite question was: What am I doing when I feel most beautiful?

Maddie (the coonhound) will steal your heart. And Theron’s life of adventure is so inspiring.

I want to be a snail and live in a fairy-tale.

Language affects how we think and perceive the world, which is of course nothing new. There’s a wide field of research on the link between language and both psychology and behavior. A few fascinating examples on TED blog.

Parenting stuff:

I just finished this book- absolutely amazing. I cried and laughed. Loved it. Highly recommended.

And with that my friends I’m checking out until next week. Happy Easter (or whatever it is that you celebrate)!

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