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A week of goodness

A slightly random summary of things I found insprinig this week :)

I always, always think I’m not doing enough. My to-do list is just rolling from one calendar page to another. I tend to plan a lot, overestimating how much I can do in a day. It frustrates me a good deal. Then I see something like that and oh maaaan… not so good. But then, how many of these people were chasing a crawling adventure seeker who thinks he can do anything? Not too many. So I feel a lot better :D As Stephen Pressfield said in the “War of Art”- just shut up, show up and do the work.

Discovering the power of routine. Normally I would say I hate routine, BUT I something clicked this week. I loved how Tsh described it as “a natural rhythm your life organically follows”. Way better than routine, that word just makes my skin crawl. So I had a look at what I do in the morning and in the evening, because that’s the part of the day I can see clearly. And indeed, there is a pattern, so now I just try to stick to it. I totally made a list :D Next week I might tackle level 2 ie the rest of the day which now is just foooog, dense fog. Something something about Alvar climbing stairs, pulling Kito’s ears, cooking dinner, picking up the toys, trying to write or shoot or edit. But I have a hunch there is a pattern as well.

Vivian Mayer. Oh dear, this story is just so amazing. Imagine a nanny, 50 years ago in New York, taking photos just as a side hobby. For years and years. She never developed them and then she didn’t have money for storage space. Some time after she died someone found the negatives and had them developed. And just… whoa, mind blown. Incredible street photography that just pulls you back in time. You can read some more of the story of how her photography was discovered and see some of her work here.

It was Apple’s birthday last week and small excerpt from an interview with Steve Jobs popped up:

To me, it’s a secret of life in summarized in 40 seconds. Have a great weekend poking life :)

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