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Clickin’ doula

If you checked my “about” page you know that I have many interests. Among other things I’m a birth nerd. Few years ago when my first birth didn’t go all that well I dived head first into finding out why. And I saw that weird looking word: doula. I searched more and decided that I want to train as one. So I did. I certified with Childbirth International and I’ve been attending births since 2010… I don’t even know how to describe it. To see a woman become a mother is just out of this world incredible. To see the commitment, the determination is an incredible honor and privilege. Over time it turned out I have doula’s soul and photographer’s eye. And I’m at my absolute best when I combine these two. I cannot separate them. It’s who I am.
I believe every birthing woman is a hero. Natural birth, epidural birth, cesarean, doesn’t matter. She is a hero and she should see that. So that’s why my doula service is not just a doula service. I’m also clickin’ the shutter to tell the story of your birthing awesomeness. Because years from now you will cherish them. They will help you heal. They will show how brave you were. The look on your face when you saw your baby for the first time. It’s priceless.
To really, really understand what birth photography is about, you need to see it. It’s pure love. Just click “play” on the slideshow below.

If you would like to have your birth story captured, please contact me for the details.