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Portrait 3/52

I love that we can visit Poland so often. It’s so important, for the kids especially. This time around I finally managed to fight the bureaucratic machine and kiddos are officially Polish :) I also left my camera at home. But I got to play a bit with an amazing Fuiji x100s. I’m not really a gear head, but this camera got my really salivating. Me wants. Just one shot. Alvar and my Grandma (you met her before).

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Voisilmäpulla – Portrait 1/52

In 2013 I photographed my family (almost) every day. It was my project 365. One photo a day, every day. I compiled the results in two fantastic photo books by Artifact Uprising. Big, hefty chunks of books. I love looking back at all these photos (and let me tell you, I took waaaay more than 365). How each of them is like a bead on a string of our story. I shared the photos weekly on Facebook with my friends and when the year ended and I was no longer uploading photos people started asking about them. So I cannot really stop, right? But while I love looking back at the photos and see how everything changed little by little I knew it will be an overwhelming task to do the same this year. So instead I will do a “Portrait 52″. 52 blog posts documenting my family, weekly. It can be a story that plays out throughout the week or an adventure somewhere or just a small snippet of our daily life. Accompanied by my ramblings. Or something like that :D

Cooking is huge in our family. And it looks like Ingrid is growing up to be a serious foodie. Or a chef? She loves cooking, she loves food. For a four year old she is very capable in the kitchen. She can actually make her own breakfast- sandwich or bacon and eggs. And yes, since the little brother follows her each move… I don’t know. We might be very lucky people. Having kids help you with cooking is not always the smartest idea- the mess somehow triples and food is not always very presentable, but to be honest, I don’t care. I cannot imagine keeping them out of the kitchen just because I want to keep it clean and I want the food to look better (although yes, it’s tempting. But since I don’t have doors that I could close to hide by myself in the kitchen, that temptation is ruled out. Easy-peasy. To me it’s one of those moments that make us a family, that define us. That contribute to the story. In his book “A Million Miles in a Thousand Years” Donald Miller writes that “a character is what he does”. It’s our actions, our choices that make who we are and describe our role in the big story of our life. I have an image of what kind of parent I want to be- I want to be fun, inspiring, connected and creative. My Facebook feed and blogroll are chock full of great ideas for crafts, adventures and what not. And then this happens: “Here’s the truth about telling stories with your life. It’s going to sound like a great idea, and you are going to get excited about it, and then when it comes time to do the work, you’re not going to want to do it. It’s like that with writing books, and it’s like that with life. People love to have lived a great story, but few people like the work it takes to make it happen. But joy costs pain.” And it’s exactly like that- I know how I would like my family life to be, how we could tell a great story with it, but in reality that image is far from what we actually do. It just doesn’t happen very easily. Too tired, too old, too boring. So what helps is just thinking along the lines of “what kind of scenes I want my kids to remember from their childhood?”. Us cooking and them watching TV or all of us in the kitchen, clothes fingerprinted by flour dust, sampling raw dough (yes, yes, I know)? And then the answer is easy.

Voisilmäpulla (literally “butter-eye bun”) is one of the reasons I live in Finland. That and korvapuusti (cinammon roll shaped like an ear, hence the name. Duh). Oh, and laskiaispulla. And Runebergintorttu. Luck has it that my husband and daughter make the BEST voisilmäpulla. They didn’t even know about it until two days ago when they actually made them. Soft, not too sweet, with the butteriest and sugariest butter “eye” on the top. Yum.

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And baby makes five

I think this worry hits every parent expecting their second baby. Do I have enough love? Will I have to subtract love from the older child before I can love the baby? Turns out human heart is teeny bit magical and we grossly underestimate it. See, it has pockets. Tiny pockets filled with love. As soon as the child is born (or sooner actually) parent’s heart grows a pocket that holds all the love for her. And when a new baby is on her way a new pocket appears and fills with love. And so it goes. Love multiplies. So when the third baby comes around, they are no longer worried, for they already know there will be a new pocket filled with love. So they are all at ease (oh well, at least about that part).

First it was the two of them- Anna and Renato. She from North, he from South. Hearts filled with love, overflowing. Two. A black-and-white goofy dog joined them in life adventures. Shortly after arrived Yuni, sweet baby girl with black locks and eyes like two pieces of dark chocolate. Three. Soon they are expecting a second baby girl. New pockets in their hearts are filling with love for Yara. Four. And then Leon arrives and makes five with his tiny feet and toothless smile.

This is a small snippet from their “Day in life” session.

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