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I actually hate socks. I bury them deep down in the sock drawer as soon as the snow melts. Which could be May. And then I really push the sock-less times until like mid- October. Until my feet start turning blue-ish and it’s not very practical anymore. I’m not a big fan of shoes either. I usually settle for sth super-minimalistic, with zero heel-drop, wide toe box and very thin and flexible sole. Everything else just rubs me the wrong way, literally.
BUT in all my foot minimalism I just cannot resist the charm of villasukat (aka wool socks). Made with love in Lapland by my MIL, just in time for Christmas, each and every year. I think villasukat might be the number one reason for me to actually like rainy and windy days. Pull them on, wood cracking in the fireplace, cup of rooibos, good book… OK, now I got carried away. That hardly ever happens in the parent-land. More like wool socks on, pulled all the way up, very stylishly over yoga pants, rubber boots on, run to the car in the pouring rain, drive to daycare and pick up your kiddo covered head-to-toe in mud. Because every weather is an outdoor weather in the books of Finnish daycares. And I think it’s awesome. I will still dream about a hot cup of tea in front of a fireplace :)

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Baby pretend


So these funny numbers on top of my posts in the last few days? I woke up last Friday and it was November. And I wasn’t too thrilled, because who would be at this latitude? But then I thought that I actually like November, always did. It’s my birthday month, if nothing else. And then I decided that it really should be my 30 days of gratitude. I often get so stuck up being just like “meh”. I very easily forget life is SO good and get annoyed by random stuff. Like when a four year old pretends to be a baby. Because you know, baby gets attention and milk and cuddles. So if I climb to the crib, thinks the four year old and pretend I don’t know how to speak a human language, I will get the same, right? RIGHT?! So she does all that and my buttons get pushed (why? is it just me or everyone gets annoyed when older kids do this?) and I walk over to the crib ready to tell her to stop this silly game… And there she is. So cute. My baby. And I cannot help, but just cuddle her and be a little bit sad that she is really not a baby anymore.

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Babywearing and forest walks


I would be a different parent if I wasn’t babywearing my kids. My firstborn hated her pram, so walks were just not happening. She would start wailing and crying the second her back touched the pram. And there was the young dog, puppy almost who really needed a daily dose of exercise. Plus I love forests, long walks in the woods. The long, long, humid silence broken by an occasional bird squeak. Forest paths are not very compatible with prams (actually, come to think of it *I* am not really compatible with pram. Too big and bulky and complicated. I’m a simple woman). Babywearing makes so many things possible and I mean the smallest things. Even just vacuuming the floor. Or photographing.  So yes, I can say with confidence if it wasn’t for babywearing I would be a very frustrated parent. It gave me the freedom to continue the lifestyle I was used to. Plus I love being close to my babies like that. Smell the top of the head. Feel the soft snuggle when they fall asleep. See the joy when they are looking at treetops. It’s so beautiful and practical and simple. And it has some obvious appeal to the small ones. The big sis requested her own carrier for the doll. There, I’m raising the next generation of babywearers. Which is good I suppose.

I might have made a tiny mei-tai carrier after this walk. I might have been just teeny-tiny, slightly and little bit annoyed by the fact that I ended up carrying the doll (because MOOOOM, it’s slipping off!!! My baby will drop!). Which made taking pictures of this glorious mist impossible. I might have… and in fact I did.

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ashley - i really like these images. i also like that the weather does not deter you from enjoying the outdoors. my family just moved to idaho (cold) from south louisiana (hot) and it has been an adjustment. not even winter yet, and we’ve been spending almost every day indoors, which i don’t like so much. i think i need to learn to bundle up, and just get outside, no matter what the weather is.