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Karoliina is a breastfeeding champ. She not only breastfeeds her two and a half year old daughter Isabella but is a also giving support and advice to breastfeeding mothers. She wants to breastfeed until Isabella weans by herself, which yes, is exactly what happens when children are given time. We are told, erroneously, that the longer we breastfeed the harder it will be to wean. There is this notion that breastfeeding is something that mothers need to stop at some point (and that point seems to be somewhere between 6 and 12 months of baby’s age). Where in fact, it’s a natural relationship, something that evolves over time. It’s something that children naturally grow out of, they just need time. Kellymom has a great compilation of articles on self-weaning here.

A small slice of life of this beautiful, calm family. Quiet afternoon, playing games, roughhousing and (trying) to get Isabella to nap. Oh, the whole time we were followed by cameraman and a wonderful journalist. This shoot will be a part of a documentary TV series on breastfeeding in Finland! How awesome is that?

This session is a part of my personal photography project “Milk for Toddlers”.

Are you breastfeeding a toddler/ preschooler? Tandem breastfeeding?

I would love you to be a part of this project!

I am making a collection of breastfeeding images which I hope will help normalize breastfeeding children beyond the first year.

Things to consider:

You will need to live in or around Helsinki, or Lahti, Finland. (But please contact if you live near Wroclaw, Poland, I will be probably visiting this year and might be able to schedule a session or two).

The complete project will be made public on the internet and potentially in other mediums. So this means you will need to sign a model release stating you are OK with this. Mothers who take part in the project will receive a photograph of their nursing relationship.

If you are not a nursing mother but know someone who is –  please pass this on!

If you would like to take part please contact me at karolina@halituli. com with the subject title Milk for Toddlers.

Thank you!

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Never cease to wonder – portrait 9/52

Climb up the stairs, only to look through the window and laugh and wonder and see the world like it’s seen for the first time. Even if it’s the same car, the same gravel patch, the same field, house, tree, truck he has seen hundreds of times. When does it change? When will he stop seeing things as if he just discovered them? I just hope it’s not too soon, there is so much to learn.

Do not ask your children
to strive for extraordinary lives.
Such striving may seem admirable,
but it is the way of foolishness.
Help them instead to find the wonder
and the marvel of an ordinary life.
Show them the joy of tasting
tomatoes, apples and pears.
Show them how to cry
when pets and people die.
Show them the infinite pleasure
in the touch of a hand.
And make the ordinary come alive for them.
The extraordinary will take care of itself.

― William Martin “The Parent’s Tao Te Ching”

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A week of goodness

A slightly random summary of things I found insprinig this week :)

I always, always think I’m not doing enough. My to-do list is just rolling from one calendar page to another. I tend to plan a lot, overestimating how much I can do in a day. It frustrates me a good deal. Then I see something like that and oh maaaan… not so good. But then, how many of these people were chasing a crawling adventure seeker who thinks he can do anything? Not too many. So I feel a lot better :D As Stephen Pressfield said in the “War of Art”- just shut up, show up and do the work.

Discovering the power of routine. Normally I would say I hate routine, BUT I something clicked this week. I loved how Tsh described it as “a natural rhythm your life organically follows”. Way better than routine, that word just makes my skin crawl. So I had a look at what I do in the morning and in the evening, because that’s the part of the day I can see clearly. And indeed, there is a pattern, so now I just try to stick to it. I totally made a list :D Next week I might tackle level 2 ie the rest of the day which now is just foooog, dense fog. Something something about Alvar climbing stairs, pulling Kito’s ears, cooking dinner, picking up the toys, trying to write or shoot or edit. But I have a hunch there is a pattern as well.

Vivian Mayer. Oh dear, this story is just so amazing. Imagine a nanny, 50 years ago in New York, taking photos just as a side hobby. For years and years. She never developed them and then she didn’t have money for storage space. Some time after she died someone found the negatives and had them developed. And just… whoa, mind blown. Incredible street photography that just pulls you back in time. You can read some more of the story of how her photography was discovered and see some of her work here.

It was Apple’s birthday last week and small excerpt from an interview with Steve Jobs popped up:

To me, it’s a secret of life in summarized in 40 seconds. Have a great weekend poking life :)

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Childhood Unplugged April

This year winter didn’t really exist. First it was late, then it was lame. Then it left and came back for a few days, it felt like an afterthought. Inkku and her friend planned going downhill with a sledge in our backyard, but of course, of course this was the day winter decided to leave us (for good?) and snow melted away. But that didn’t seem to matter too much. Somehow, mud turned out to be at least as interesting. Yey for the wonderful outdoor clothing that is available to us in Finland. Seriously, my gratitude for this small thing is just immense.

Childhood is magical, in its own right. Somehow in the last few years it all got turned upside down and lots of parents feel this insane pressure to “make it” magical. Pinterest worthy craft projects, themed birthday parties, elaborately decorated nurseries. We see all this and we feel guilty, we feel we are not doing enough. I’m calling BS. Collecting stones IS magical, playing in mud IS magical. We don’t need to structure things, make an “activity” out of everything. “Encouraging creativity” means letting kids loose on pack of paper with some glue and scissors. Without detailed instructions and guiding hand. It’s sometimes difficult to shut up and let them do their thing, but it’s so totally worth it. Give some inspiration, point them to the mud pile, forget about dirty clothes for a second. That’s all they need.

To see which image I chose to be featured for this month’s edition of Childhood Unlplugged, head here. Also, check out Childhood Unplugged on facebook and play along on Instagram by tagging your unplugged moments with #childhoodunplugged.


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Childhood Unplugged April 2014 | - […] Karolina Baszarkiewicz | Halituli Photography […]

Monica Calderin - Karolina, it’s so refreshing to see mothers that ‘GET IT’. Way to let your little one get dirty, explore and have fun! Great images.

Drae - My boy would be in heaven playing in all that mud. What a good mama for letting them do this. I gotta say sometimes it’s hard to let them make such a mess, but oh so good for them.

I see wonders: March

Oh wow. This has become a truly… spiritual experience. “Look for wonders” is on my daily to-do list, right next to grocery list, cleaning the kitchen and blogging. I can honestly say that it’s made marks on my soul. We are made of our thoughts and deeds. If I look for wonders, I will find them and appreciate them. And if it’s part of a daily routine? I become that change, conditioned myself to see wonder and be grateful. It’s profound.

Some of my favorite moments:

And not just for me it seems. A few people joined me and it’s just such an incredibly inspiring, uplifting and downright happy moment to check that hashatg on IG every day.

Below are a few, click on the links to see more from these insanely talented people:

Left: laraashoop Right: jwengert

Left: jwengert Right: danielags008

Left & right: cczimmerman

So here is how we will continue (this is totally inspired by chookooloonks, love it so much). Put “look for wonders” on your daily to-do list. Find a wonder, shoot with your phone, upload to Instagram, tag with #iseewonders. At the end of the month I will compile this post again and one person will get a beautiful 8×10 print of one of my images from here. This month it will be Courtney, my soul sister from across the pond. I really hope we will meet some day my friend :) You are such an inspiration. Hit me up with your postal address, now will you?

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