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Gratitude is not easy

12-19/30 So I started this month thinking that I can actually be grateful for something each and every day. That I canView full post »

Soft weight

11/30 We are walking, sun is shining, lovely crispy afternoon. Baby on my back is squeaking with delight at each passedView full post »


10/30 Yes, really. She made a swimming track in the living room. Sofa cushions were lined up, which annoyed Kito the DogView full post »

Mummo ja pappa

9/10 Grandparents visit. A.K.A. those days when my kitchen doesn’t look like it was hit by a tornado. BecauseView full post »

Bad hair day

8/30 Sometimes she wakes up with that lovely tangled mess of hair on the back of her head. I adore it. And she couldn&#View full post »

Tasting life

6/30 At our last well-being appointment in neuvola (health center, sort of) the doctor was explaining the neuroscienceView full post »


5/30 I actually hate socks. I bury them deep down in the sock drawer as soon as the snow melts. Which could be May. AndView full post »

Baby pretend

4/30 So these funny numbers on top of my posts in the last few days? I woke up last Friday and it was November. And IView full post »

Babywearing and forest walks

3/30 I would be a different parent if I wasn’t babywearing my kids. My firstborn hated her pram, so walks wereView full post »