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Karoliina is a breastfeeding champ. She not only breastfeeds her two and a half year old daughter Isabella but is a alsoView full post »

Breastfeeding, naturally

Bella is 16 months old. Her favorite word is “vauva” (baby), but the first word she ever said was “View full post »

Toddlers and reading

Mother reading. And not to the toddler, just a regular, grown-up newspaper. Or a book. You know, the one withoutView full post »

One toddler at a time

When I started my Milk for Toddlers project it was because I believed it can make a positive difference in someone’View full post »

Milky sleep

Second duo in my “Milk for toddlers” project. Hilma just turned one year few weeks ago. Toddlers are reallyView full post »

Milk for toddlers

It all started as a conversation with my friends. We were sort of comparing notes about the so-called “extendedView full post »