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Childhood Unplugged April

This year winter didn’t really exist. First it was late, then it was lame. Then it left and came back for a few days, it felt like an afterthought. Inkku and her friend planned going downhill with a sledge in our backyard, but of course, of course this was the day winter decided to leave us (for good?) and snow melted away. But that didn’t seem to matter too much. Somehow, mud turned out to be at least as interesting. Yey for the wonderful outdoor clothing that is available to us in Finland. Seriously, my gratitude for this small thing is just immense.

Childhood is magical, in its own right. Somehow in the last few years it all got turned upside down and lots of parents feel this insane pressure to “make it” magical. Pinterest worthy craft projects, themed birthday parties, elaborately decorated nurseries. We see all this and we feel guilty, we feel we are not doing enough. I’m calling BS. Collecting stones IS magical, playing in mud IS magical. We don’t need to structure things, make an “activity” out of everything. “Encouraging creativity” means letting kids loose on pack of paper with some glue and scissors. Without detailed instructions and guiding hand. It’s sometimes difficult to shut up and let them do their thing, but it’s so totally worth it. Give some inspiration, point them to the mud pile, forget about dirty clothes for a second. That’s all they need.

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Childhood Unplugged April 2014 | - […] Karolina Baszarkiewicz | Halituli Photography […]

Monica Calderin - Karolina, it’s so refreshing to see mothers that ‘GET IT’. Way to let your little one get dirty, explore and have fun! Great images.

Drae - My boy would be in heaven playing in all that mud. What a good mama for letting them do this. I gotta say sometimes it’s hard to let them make such a mess, but oh so good for them.

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