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Halituli means a hug. Well, OK. Almost. Hali in Finnish and tuli (kind of) in Polish. It’s a word made up by a bilingual kid who loves hugs. I thought it’s lovely and when it was time to register my business I went with that. Behind the cute name is me. And my camera. And few other things.

My name is Karolina Baszarkiewicz. I suppose that’s why most people call me Karba. Something about the consonants maybe?

I’m a Pole who wandered a bit too far North. I was born some decades ago into the greyness of People’s Republic of Poland, small town called Ząbkowice Sląskie (yeah, I know). My formal education took me from Wrocław to Kraków, from Kraków to Dalarna, Sweden, back to Kraków and off to London. And then my final destination- Finland.

I moved here because one Finnish guy walked up to me in Dalarna and said something about my eyes looking like stars (terrible pick-up line, isn’t it? But I was young). That was 11 years ago. Since then we’ve managed to throw a party of the century when we got married, build a house in the midst of the farming lands of Uusimaa, make two absolutely awesome kids and acquire one thief of a dog. Together we do our best at organic gardening, having fun, visiting new places, trying new foods and speaking three languages all at once. Our home is usually pretty loud.

The best word to describe my personality is multipotentialite. Everything in the world can jump-start me on serious research. It got really bad since our daughter started asking “why?”. I have to check every.single.thing. My brain must be very wrinkled.

I like a good book, long run and a hot cup of espresso. Also cold beer. And traveling. And photographing, obviously.

I wish I could tell you I was born with a camera in my hand and artistic vision in my head, yadayadayada, but it was actually a slow process. It’s a long story, much too long (think: 15 years) so I will just tell you where I’m now with my vision.

Photography has given me the gift of seeing. Of seeing beauty in the ordinary life. It’s a gift of remembering, bearing witness and telling stories. We live in the everyday, in the mudane- probably well over 90% of our lives is in small moments and tiny things. We are normally too busy to notice how great and full of awesome it is. I strive to capture that *thing*. I call it the poetry of the everyday.


PS ˆabove photo was taken by the awesome Nani Annette. You can read the story behind it here.



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