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I see wonders: March

Oh wow. This has become a truly… spiritual experience. “Look for wonders” is on my daily to-do list, right next to grocery list, cleaning the kitchen and blogging. I can honestly say that it’s made marks on my soul. We are made of our thoughts and deeds. If I look for wonders, I will find them and appreciate them. And if it’s part of a daily routine? I become that change, conditioned myself to see wonder and be grateful. It’s profound.

Some of my favorite moments:

And not just for me it seems. A few people joined me and it’s just such an incredibly inspiring, uplifting and downright happy moment to check that hashatg on IG every day.

Below are a few, click on the links to see more from these insanely talented people:

Left: laraashoop Right: jwengert

Left: jwengert Right: danielags008

Left & right: cczimmerman

So here is how we will continue (this is totally inspired by chookooloonks, love it so much). Put “look for wonders” on your daily to-do list. Find a wonder, shoot with your phone, upload to Instagram, tag with #iseewonders. At the end of the month I will compile this post again and one person will get a beautiful 8×10 print of one of my images from here. This month it will be Courtney, my soul sister from across the pond. I really hope we will meet some day my friend :) You are such an inspiration. Hit me up with your postal address, now will you?

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