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Poetry of the everyday

I don’t know about you, but to me sometimes life looks like a jumbled mess of strings. There are moments when I’m simply overwhelmed by being a mother, wife, homeowner, entrepreneur, foreigner… Life. Bitten by that feeling that nothing will be right ever again. That kids will always have tantrums, teething pains and that I’m just lost. What helps me find focus and go back on my path is noticing these small weaves of my life’s canvas that seem ordinary, but are beyond beautiful. They are tiny things, nothing fancy. My daughter’s big feet always crack me up. Or how she runs around trying to get her share of attention when I’m nursing the baby. My baby son’s fatty knees. My husband’s tangled hair. My dog’s twisted leg and lopsided ear. Small imperfections that make life perfect again. And I push forward.

Photography serves as my glasses in noticing these small slivers of reality that are more than just reality. The pockets of peacefulness in the chaos. The things that we take for granted, that we think won’t ever change, but then we look back and they are gone. The things that years later we will wish we have somehow recorded, in all their glorious beauty and annoyance. The things that define who we are, but not explaining it directly in some kind of “for dummies” handbook. Where you see the mundane detail and there is no staging and no beautifying and yet you notice something more. The heroism of pushing forward. The perseverance. The fight to find the path and be who you want to be. It’s the moment when the truth peeks through the clutter and shows its face. The moment when you see clarity in the chaos. When that jumbled mess of strings turns out to be a beautiful needlepoint masterpiece. You just had to turn the frame.
I call it the poetry of the everyday and I will capture it for your family with my camera. So that when that feeling ever bites you, you will be able to just turn the frame and see the masterpiece your life is.

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