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Participating in the Childhood Unplugged collective has been awesome on so many levels for me. This last couple of weeks I’ve been thinking about one aspect of “unplugging” in particular. It’s a difficult balance, being a mother and a photographer. There are so many beautiful moments that I want to capture. On some deeper level I’m afraid I will forget them and that taking pictures equals making memories. And on an even deeper level I know that oftentimes my lens is my shield. I’m hiding behind it, being an observer instead of active participant. Which removes me from the situation a little bit (a lot?). I virtually never manipulate the scene that I photograph, it’s just not my style. I don’t tell my subjects to move this or that way, do this or that. But still. It’s observation, not participation. So yes, it needs to be somehow balanced. Most often I’m the last one to notice that I’ve been hiding for a while already and it would be a good time to put the camera down.┬áSometimes it takes my husband or Ingrid to tell me firmly that it’s enough picturetaking (oh yes, they say that. quite a lot I think. I often pretend I didn’t hear). And then I put on my rubber boots and walk in the puddle. Making memories.

Kito the Dog has issues with people stepping into water. Puddle, river, lake, any water. He thinks humans are incredibly silly doing something so wet and dangerous. So he stands on the shore and barks. That’s pretty much the only time we hear him barking in fact. And then he shakes his head in disbelief.

To see which image I chose to be featured for this month’s edition of Childhood Unlplugged, head here. Also, check out Childhood Unplugged on facebook and play along on Instagram by tagging your unplugged moments with #childhoodunplugged.


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