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Finally, finally! Enough snow to put on leg extensions also known as cross-country skis. This is seriously my favorite sport in the world and I only learnt how to ski in my mid-20s. Since then I logged about 200 kms each season. Except the years with no snow or big pregnant belly (then it was down to a few dozen km. Or maybe one dozen. Not much anyway). And now Inkku got her skis and she is super eager to learn. The littlest guy seems desperate to have his own skis and give it a try too. And you can see how desperate he is if you scroll down just a bit- that was the look on his face when he saw Inkku with that super cool looking equipment strapped to her feet. We have a pair of really small skis parked in the garage, so I think we will give it a go. Let’s see how it goes. Otherwise it’s gonna be me pulling Alvar in a trailer and Hannu coaching Ingrid.

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