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Week of goodness

I started this week with reworking my family sessions offering. I got so many questions about having a shorter version of the “Day in Life” that I decided to give it a go. I realized that all of the sessions from Milk for Toddlers projects are basically like mini-stories and sometimes you just really want to document one tiny snipped of life. So go ahead and book :) It will be an honor to record your memories.

I watched this TEDtalk on trying something new for 30 days. That was back in April and I really wanted to start something. Problem is I have a very very long list of things I’m planning on doing “someday” (which by the way IS NOT a real day). I couldn’t decide, simple as that. But then decided that I will do something that my daughter enjoys so much and we could maybe do stuff together (plus, she has a crap ton of supplies). So I’m dabbling in drawing and doodling. Just couple of minutes everyday, nothing serious or fancy. I have an ink pen and block of smooth paper. I watched this class on Creative Bug: Line drawing with Lisa Congdon who is one of my absolutely favorite artists. Doodling and drawing. And it’s very therapeutic and calming. I will write more about this in the coming days. And show you some of my creations, but no laughing, promise!

On the topic of art, I came across these incredible flowers on Lisa’s blog. I mean, wowza. And she is doing this with a four year old at home? Seriously.

This guy traveled around the world without setting his foot on the plane. I love the selfie-video.

Kids were here photography collective just published another round of photos. I love this series. It always reminds me to smile at the fingerprinted windows and legos on the floor (now, that was an exaggeration).

This short read for those of us with big dreams. You always start with one room. And build on that.

Happy weekend!

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