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If you are here my guess is that living real, authentic, simply good and fulfilling life is your priority. Life doesn’t happen to you, you happen to life. Although it certainly doesn’t feel like that when you are dressing up kids for the kindergarten in the morning (especially in winter).

Feeling the fresh air on your cheeks and roasting marshmallows over the campfire are more important to you than catching up on the latest celebrity gossip or watching a popular TV show (do you even have a TV?). You’d prefer jeans and sneakers to a pencil skirt and stilettos, anytime. That big collection of heels you were once proudly sporting is mostly used by your four-year old daughter when she is playing dress-up.

That’s because you spend a lot of time kneeling down in dirt with your kids to draw with chalk. Also, you diligently eat your share of cakes made of sand. And you let your kids jump on the sofa. Sometimes you even join them.

You love your life and feel comfortable with who you are, quirks, your kids messy hair, spilled juices, creative outfits and all that jazz. You know that life is bittersweet and you want to remember it all- sweet AND bitter. You believe photographs should tell real stories and evoke memories, not just convey how you looked like when you stared at a camera. Meaning that just the thought of going to a studio and being stiffly posed gives you shivers. You want your photos to tell the story of who you are, day to day.

Because this is exactly what I do. If you invite me to, I will document your family life and reveal the poetry enclosed within it.

Book your Day in Life session. You will cry some happy tears when you see how awesome you are (hint: it’s more awesome than you ever thought possible).


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