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Zen and the art of changing diapers

Changing a diaper is just changing a diaper, right? No poetry there, at least not at a first glance. But recently, as I was photographing this wonderful family I was reminded that this simple act, this staple of early parenting has a potential of being so much more. It’s a small interaction and if we open to it, if we really are in the moment- looking into child’s eyes, tickling, having older sibling mimic what we are doing… then it becomes such a rich experience. It can be a moment of deep, meaningful connection in our busy lives. Way more than just changing the diaper. Microcosm of parenting.

When sitting, just sit.
When eating, just eat.
When walking, just walk.
When talking, just talk.
When listening, just listen.
When looking, just look.
When touching, just touch.
When thinking, just think.
When playing, just play.
And enjoy the feeling of each moment and each day.

When Singing, Just Sing – Life as Meditation Narayan Liebenson Grady

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