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So these funny numbers on top of my posts in the last few days? I woke up last Friday and it was November. And I wasn’t too thrilled, because who would be at this latitude? But then I thought that I actually like November, always did. It’s my birthday month, if nothing else. And then I decided that it really should be my 30 days of gratitude. I often get so stuck up being just like “meh”. I very easily forget life is SO good and get annoyed by random stuff. Like when a four year old pretends to be a baby. Because you know, baby gets attention and milk and cuddles. So if I climb to the crib, thinks the four year old and pretend I don’t know how to speak a human language, I will get the same, right? RIGHT?! So she does all that and my buttons get pushed (why? is it just me or everyone gets annoyed when older kids do this?) and I walk over to the crib ready to tell her to stop this silly game… And there she is. So cute. My baby. And I cannot help, but just cuddle her and be a little bit sad that she is really not a baby anymore.

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