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5/30 I actually hate socks. I bury them deep down in the sock drawer as soon as the snow melts. Which could be May. AndView full post »

Baby pretend

4/30 So these funny numbers on top of my posts in the last few days? I woke up last Friday and it was November. And IView full post »

Babywearing and forest walks

3/30 I would be a different parent if I wasn’t babywearing my kids. My firstborn hated her pram, so walks wereView full post »

Wild and untamed

2/30 Some people come to this world wild and untamed. My daughter is like that. She is who she is, no apologies. She isView full post »


1/30 We are all different. Each of us has a unique perspective, the way of seeing the world as nobody else does. EveryView full post »

Milky sleep

Second duo in my “Milk for toddlers” project. Hilma just turned one year few weeks ago. Toddlers are reallyView full post »

Milk for toddlers

It all started as a conversation with my friends. We were sort of comparing notes about the so-called “extendedView full post »

Capture the Colour competition

I read about this competition on one of my favorite travel blogs- Almost Fearless. Idea is quite simple- write a blogView full post »

Sink bath happiness

Happiness is being able to fit into a sink full of warm and soapy water. Reach out and touch your soft andView full post »