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What Ingrid saw

I’m a photographer. So of course my daughter wants to be a photographer when she grows up. I thought it would be aView full post »

Pancakes, mushrooms and trees

This is seriously my new favorite place in Finland. My husband is a huge gardening nerd, he loves everything thatView full post »

Women hold up half the sky

Last Sunday was just crazy great. Have you ever walked into a room full of strangers and just felt… at home? LikeView full post »

Luxury and why you need it

“One of the ways we can start to experience more affluence in our daily lives is through pampering ourselves withView full post »

Scavenger hunt – Bajkowe podchody

You know how sometimes people living in small towns complain that nothing happens there, it’s boring, middle ofView full post »

01/ 100 Strangers

Yesterday we went to Helsinki to check out the Restaurant Day. It’s a great event- the main idea is that anyoneView full post »

Oh Lapland, my Lapland

I love traveling, I love new places, trying new types of food, meeting new people, seeing new landscapes. I thrive onView full post »

Dom na Orkana

Allow me to get personal now and overload you with pictures. I went to visit my family home last week. It’s inView full post »

Swing and wheelbarrow

Spring is here! It’s not exactly news for the rest of the Northern Hemisphere, but in the North of the North weView full post »