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We are all different. Each of us has a unique perspective, the way of seeing the world as nobody else does. Every person on this planet is so beautifully unique. It’s a total cliche, absolutely, but it really hit me few days ago. Ingird’s art school organized an event for parents and siblings. At the beginning every person present was handed a piece of clay. Grey clay. We had to make a circus character. Now, most of the people there never really held a piece of clay in their hand, let alone sculpture something resembling a moving animal or a person. And after two hours there it was. Few dozen different creatures. Lions, elephants, seals. Ballerinas, clowns, jugglers. There were a few elephants, but one was balancing on a ball, one was walking, one was sitting down and yet another was stretching. As I was standing and looking at all of these it hit me. We all had the same piece of clay to start with. And each and every one of us shaped it into something different. Isn’t that like the most amazing thing ever?

You come to this world unique. Only you see the world as you. And only you can shape a piece of clay in a way your hands do it. Go and do something amazing. Only YOU can do it.

“Be yourself, everyone else is already taken” – Oscar Wilde

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