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Milk for toddlers

A series of short essays aiming at normalizing breastfeeding beyond one year. Breastfeeding toddlers and preschoolers. It’s normal, it’s beautiful.

Click on the images below to see the essays I have done so far and read some of the stories of people’s reactions and experiences.


Karoliina is a breastfeeding champ. She not only breastfeeds her two and a half year old daughter Isabella but is a alsoView full post »

Breastfeeding, naturally

Bella is 16 months old. Her favorite word is “vauva” (baby), but the first word she ever said was “View full post »

Toddlers and reading

Mother reading. And not to the toddler, just a regular, grown-up newspaper. Or a book. You know, the one withoutView full post »

One toddler at a time

When I started my Milk for Toddlers project it was because I believed it can make a positive difference in someone’View full post »

Milky sleep

Second duo in my “Milk for toddlers” project. Hilma just turned one year few weeks ago. Toddlers are reallyView full post »

Milk for toddlers

It all started as a conversation with my friends. We were sort of comparing notes about the so-called “extendedView full post »


Are you breastfeeding a toddler/ preschooler? Tandem breastfeeding?

I would love you to be a part of this project!

I am making a collection of breastfeeding images which I hope will help normalize breastfeeding children beyond the first year.

Things to consider:

You will need to live in or around Helsinki, Finland or Wroclaw, Poland.

The complete project will be made public on the internet and potentially in other mediums. So this means you will need to sign a model release stating you are OK with this. Mothers who take part in the project will receive a photograph of their nursing relationship.

If you are not a nursing mother but know someone who is –  please pass this on!

If you would like to take part please contact me at karolina@halituli. com with the subject title Milk for Toddlers.

Thank you!

Sarah - What a fantastic project! Our culture’s views on this are so sad.
Excited to follow, I’ll be sending people who I know will be interested your way.

brooke - this is perfectly lovely. a beautiful slice-of-life with a very natural inclusion of a breastfeeding toddler. what a sweet relationship these two seem to have. a great idea to do this project. i’ll be excited to see more!

my own daughter self-weaned at about 18 months, mostly because i was pregnant again and just not producing milk anymore. in ways it felt like a relief (i was pregnant, my body was tired, i wanted a break), but i have moments of wishing she’d persisted. if she’d held on a bit longer, she could have had the milk again when my son was born, but by the time he — and the milk — arrived, she’s literally forgotten how to nurse (i know because she tried it a couple of times!)

karba - Brooke, thank you for your lovely comment and story!

Marta - I like it, I like it a lot. Brooke, I know how you feel. SO many times I wished for my son to wean while I was pregnant, and then I would think of all the benefits for him, for me. I fell pregnant shortly after my son’s 1st birthday. Luckily, my son didn’t wean himself though my body was producing only colostrum at that time. I let him nurse and it was tiring, sometimes painful (you know how pregnant boobs can get all achy) and know I am successfully nursing a tandem.

Milky sleep » halituli - […] duo in my “Milk for toddlers” project. Helmi just turned one year few weeks […]

Léa - I am so happy that i stumbled upon your blog. love your photos. I nursed my toddler until he was 2 1/2 and i still miss it so much! Wish i had taken more photos at the time.
this is lovely series!

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Self-weaning » halituli - […] Milk for toddlers […]

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