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How to be a hero on Mother’s Day

OK, husbands, boyfriends, partners. DADS. Time to get real. I want to tell you something important before this year’s Mother’s Day.

You know how the most important woman in your life always takes pictures? Of kids, you, your dog, your house, your holidays. Sometimes the most trivial things. Most mothers I know are documenters. They photograph, keep journals, frame pictures, scrapbook. That’s because they want to keep these moments forever. Which of course means she is most often *not* in the picture. So now I’ll reveal two secrets (I know them, because I’m that mom):

1) she wants the whole family to be in the picture, herself included and

2) she wants to look good in these pictures.

Now that you know it, I want to tell you this: don’t be the grumpy guy who says “no way” to a family session with a professional photographer. I mean really, don’t be.

You know, I get it. You don’t like to have your pictures taken. But that’s why it’s a pretty damn cool and brave thing to do, you know? Face what you feel uncomfortable with, that’s what heros do. So be the hero. Be the thoughtful guy who says “I want both of us to be in the pictures for our kids” (she will LOVE that).

The trick here is that I know very well you can handle the type of family sessions I do <– check them out. There is no posing, no stiffness and absolutely zero b/s, just the awesome stuff you do with your family. I promise it’ll be easy and you will not hear “say cheese/ muikku”.

So be a hero and book it. Let’s do this- contact me before April 22 and tell me it’s a Mother’s Day gift. After you book the session, I will send you a really lovely card which you can give to her on 11.5 (that’s the date this year btw, mark it down). Together with some flowers and breakfast served to bed of course. How’s that for an awesome plan?

Aha. Because I like superheros you will get the new Jo Nesbo thriller as a gift from me.

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